Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Endeavours

Through a happy accident I have more new gorgeous pendants to share. I ordered some beautiful filigree cameo settings for my images, but felt that they were so delicate that they lacked some weight and substance. I went searching on Etsy to try and find something to adhere the setting to for this purpose. What I ended up finding were clear glass cabuchons and voila a new style of pendant was born!!

The glass domes serve 3 purposes - they give the pendants a lovely weight, they enhance and magnify the image underneath them and they protect the image, making the pendants waterproof. In honour of this new method I have of course created some new images such as the initials and dug deep into my library of vintage ephemera to find items that can be used just as they are, such as this delightful 'purple lady'.

A similar happy accident led me to make my first pairs of earrings!! I had to source a small bead to seal onto the back of one of the settings I had ordered that was open on the reverse. I found some lovely rich brown walnut beads that turned out to a little thick for the purpose. Not wanted to waste anything I set to thinking how else I could use them. I ended up adhering my pictures to them and sealing them with resin and stringing them with some upcycled beads from a necklace of mine that had come unstrung. Hoping to add more designs to this range soon :)

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous Claire. They look so professional!

    I was thinking of using glass cobochons to make fridge magnets. How would you seal the image on the back do you think?

    Keep up the good work - your Etsy sales are looking good too! You go girl!!! Bex xx