Friday, May 14, 2010

Featured in Blog

It was a lovely surprise this morning to hear that I had been featured in a fellow Folksian's blog - Two Hip Hippos's post entitled Folksy Friday :)

Here is the post:-

Here is the link so you can go there direct :) and go to the post 'Folksy Friday for May 14th.

New Shops!!

I have just opened two online shops this side of the pond! Check them out:

The first sells my more traditional looking items and the second a new range of more 'quirky' pieces that show somewhat better the more eccentric side of me :)

These cufflinks are made from shrinkable plastic (remember shrinking crisp packets in the oven as a child - no - you missed out!!) and sealed under a glossy layer of resin. I intend to add many more designs to the range but here are a few more:-

I have also been making some more fun and frivolous scrabble tile cufflinks. Featuring Union Jacks in outrageous colours; these are bound to be a big hit in the office :)