Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Creative Year Begins

I have jump started 2010 with some new designs!! All my jewellery begins with the digital collages I create in Photostudio. I love the instant results without having to wait for paint or glue to dry.

I collect vintage ephemera - all digital of course: it saves clutter. My laptop is brimming over with libraries of images from backgrounds to objects to nature. Once I have selected the images I want to work with I open them in Photostudio and cut, paste, enhance, rotate and generally mess around with them until I like the end result. They then get printed, trimmed and glued onto or into anything that can be hang round a neck, from ears or in shirt sleeves!

My latest range uses cameo settings and bezels. The cameo settings are delicate and beautiful. Some are so delicate I have ordered glass domes to set in them to give them some weight and substance. The bronze bezels I found are big, chunky and look gorgeous with my images in them!! I have also just received some delicate wooden beads made from walnut that are oval and flat and perfect for making into earrings. I shall adhere images on them, seal them with resin and then hang glass beads or charms from them. Watch this space for when I have completed the first pair!

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