Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today I am sharing the delights of a new website I discovered -

Spoonflower gives you the tools to not only create your own fabric design but also to buy and sell it!! Of course you have to come up with the design in the first place, but it allows you to repeat the design in 4 different layouts.

For this design I simply took an image sheet of mine that already had 3 postcards on it. Once uploaded onto Spoonflower's website I could play around with the layout - half drop (seen here) half brick, mirror, centred and basic repeat.

This next design is taken from my Hydrangea tag image. Again I have had it repeated in a half drop layout. Ideally I would redesign this one with more background around the flowers so they aren't so close together but I like the overall feel.

I have given you a close up of this one. This fabric uses my latest design which I am launching in my shops this week :) It was designed with Mother's Day in mind. I was given the gorgeous image of a French lady at her dressing table by my ex mother in law. I have layered her over a wonderful old French postcard with a personal message to someone named Charlotte written across the corner. I have finished it off with an old stamp from my mother's childhood stamp collection. This layout is half brick.

I can take no credit for this beautiful fabric!! This shows what you can do if you really have talent!! I love how bright and breezy this design is entitled 'summer meadow'.

Once you have designed your fabric you can order a swatch of it in a choice of fabrics. I believe once you have made a purchase you have the option to offer your design for sale on Spoonflower's website. Don't quote me on that though...... you'll have to check this out for yourself :) So if you fancy your bedroom curtains being in your own design head over to their website and have a go.........

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  1. The fabrics look amazing! I'm not sewing much at the mo, but it makes me want to!