Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not on The High Street 40 Favourites!

Okay, so I am bragging a little bit, but this is worth bragging about :)

As you know I sell through Not on the High Street which is a fantastic online marketplace where you can find all sorts of treasures. Be prepared to pay a bit more though, but know it is worth it!! A bit like buying Clinique instead of Max Factor!!!

Anyway...... every day they post on their front page their 40 favourite items. If you are regular customer to 'Noths' you will know that the same items tend to crop up over and over again. If you are a seller and haven't been featured you will be more aware of this than anyone!! Well my friend Sam from Pants and Paper on Folksy sent me a Facebook message today to let me know that one of my items had been featured!! OMG!!! Unfortunately it isn't an item that will be bought very often or by many people as it is a wedding save the date notification, but it should lead lots of new customers to my shop :)

So that is my brag for today and was the perfect excuse to post - which is something I haven't done for a month! A month!!!! where did those four weeks go??

As a thank you to Sam here is a link to her fabulous shop and goodies :)


  1. Your a star. Its definately worth a brag. Im one of those sellers that are waiting to have a spot on the front page (hint hint noths if your listening). I do check it everyday and it was great to spot you on there. Woo hooo hope lots and lots of sales follow :)

  2. Oh that's cracking! Well done. :) And your blog post reminded me to go and buy that mug I like so much - I always forget to check my favourites.