Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best Intentions

It seems every posting begins with a promise (empty) to post more regularly........sigh.....maybe this time it might happen - yeah right!!
It has been a crazy (good) few months with a house move, summer holidays and a big push to try and grow Claryce Design...
I survived the first two and I am enjoying the challenge of the third.

How do I begin sharing with you all the new items that I have created? I guess the easiest way is to start backwards with what I have done most recently and if I keep to my goal of blogging more regularly I shall then bring out older inventory to show you :)
Over the summer I brought out a range of 'to die for' rings made from flower cabuchons. I don't know if it their colour or shape that appeals most to me or just the fact that they shout 'look at me!'

As you can see one of our new kittens ( oh yes, I should have added them to the above list) took an interest in them. These are the smaller size which measure about 18mm.

The big sisters to these are about 30mm in diameter and really make a statement! The only bad part about these rings is deciding which colour to choose!

You can see the full range here:

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